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Call: +91 9382 006006 / +91 8056 099903

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Water Leakage is equivalent to Money Leakage

Every drop of water that leaks in your building is creating a hole in your pocket. If you ignore the leakage now, you are indirectly leading to money wastage in future for repairing your household. Not just money, it adds unnecessary stress and disturbance in your daily life in addition to causing infection from molasses. Why do want to allow water leakage when the world is running short of water?


Internal wall waterproofing products helps to get rid of water penetration and give you a sigh of relief from rising damp.

External wall waterproofing solves all the water penetrating issues, avoids damping, and prevent your building’s walls to get damp.

Roof waterproofing is very important for a building in order to avoid the seeping and damage caused by harsh climatic conditions.

Bathroom waterproofing assists you to make bathrooms waterproofed and make you feel relaxed with no worries of leakage or seepage.

Water tank waterproofing is done to prevent the surface of the water tank to get a rise in damp due to the regular flow of water.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing methods are applied at the surface and concrete of the pool to protect it from seeping or damping.

A protective layer in the roof garden is built in order to protect from any leakage and make the roof moisture resistant.

It decreases the water seepage from the underground water tanks thereby reducing the amount of water to be added to the concrete.

Installing heat-resistant materials and proper insulation in your building will help you to heat-proof your home in an easy way.

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